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The Hub

The Hub continues to enjoy success with more and more activities now being delivered and a significant increase in people using the centre.

Through the local community planning board we were able to secure over £100,000 of additional funding from partner agencies to improve the landscaping around the centre including a new toddlers play area and also finally geting the old blaes pitch by the rec centre upgraded to grass.

I was also happy to approve a grant of £10,000 to the Wyndford & District Community Council to also help improve local facilities.

Glasgow Commmunity Safety Services (GCSS) who run the Hub have also recently created an e-newsletter giving more details about what’s happening at the Hub.

HUB Enews

Why Glasgow 2014 must be open over resignation issues

Just under a year ago I sat in the Nehru Stadium watching with pride as the Commonwealth Games flag was handed over to Glasgow as new hosts in 2014.

I’d also listened with friends at the crowds repeated cheers for everyone except the Delhi OC Chair Suresh Kalmadi, who is now lodged in Tihar Prison on corruption charges. Surely our Games Organising Committee wouldn’t endure the same loss of reputation I thought.

Yet now across the world’s press, from the Washington Post to the Australian Sun Herald, stories are printed about the sudden resignation of John Scott, Chief Executive of Glasgow 2014.

Last week I met with David Grevemberg the new acting CEO of Glasgow 2014 and urged him to be more open about the events surrounding this resignation. My concern was simple, 80% of the costs of the games come from public funds and the public deserved to know why the reputation of our city and our games are being undermined by Glasgow 2014s failure to come clean on what has happened.

Glasgow 2014 have sought to hide behind legal advice which they insist prevents them commenting about the company at the heart of the alleged gift or about the circumstances of the resignation of a former employee.

In the absence of official comment the public have been left to read in the Herald (01/07/11)

“A spokeswoman declined to comment yesterday on claims that its board acted after receiving a tip-off about Mr Scott’s tax advice from global accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

It was later reported that Mr Scott had been offered up to £6000 of financial advice from PwC. The firm is refusing to confirm or deny it was the firm at the centre of the affair.”

And the failure of Glasgow 2014 to comment further to its original statement has only led to further confusion on events.

Glasgow 2014 had originally said the company concerned was a potential bidder in a tender process and so could not be named. However once Pricewaterhouse Coopers were named the Glasgow 2014 spokesperson clarified that:

“There’s quite a lot of misunderstanding around this, or deliberate misunderstanding. You can be a past supplier, an existing supplier, and a potential supplier. The three are not mutually exclusive.”

Those well versed in Trinitarian doctrine will find this completely plausible the rest of us might just view it as a crude attempt to spin the original error.

We are also told that the sudden resignation was accepted by the board – but how was this done when the board consists of people who self evidently were not in the UK let alone Glasgow on the day in question.

There are too many unanswered questions remaining and the danger is that by failing to be open, Glasgow 2014 risk this story continuing to run and continuing to undermine its reputation.

Commonwealth Games Federation Chief Executive Mike Hooper has said “The CGF supports the disclosure of the circumstances that led to resignation,”.

I hope that Glasgow 2014 will now heed the advice from Councillors, MSPs and the Commonwealth Games Federation and come clean on what happened. Any other course risks losing the support of the city.

Area Committee grants for June 2011

Maryhill Kelvin Area committee met this morning and the ward Councillors and Community Council reps agreed the following grants:

£4537 awarded to Creative Choices:

To provide a Music pilot programme (6 months) in the Maryhill Hub on Tuesday nights 6.00pm-7.30pm and Wednesday nights 7.00 – 8.30pm. The programme has been developed as a method to combat anti social behaviour and has been designed to respond to the request of young people using the Centre. The programme will run 27 sessions. The programme will provide opportunities to learn about different styles of music, to use and learn to play an instrument.

£976 to Acre Tenants and Residents Association:

Game on: To purchase two televisions, gaming consoles and equipment to provide gaming sessions for young people attending the Community Hall. The application has been proposed to respond the requests from young people and their parents for more youth activities in the Hall. It is hoped that that Game On project would increase the current Hall membership which stands as approximately 50.

£3906 to North United Communities

Summer Diversionary Activities – Cadder Community Centre & Maryhill Hub. To provide a 4 week programme of diversionary sports and arts activities for up to 150 young people through the school summer holiday period. Activities will include in-house multi sport sessions, providing trips and excursions, kayaking, gorge & hill walking, biking as well as family trips to the Park.

In addition the Area Committee also agreed the following funding:

£1077.64 for North West Women’s Centre play scheme.

£847.61 for Shakespeare Street play scheme.

£467.30 for Ruchill Church play scheme.

£1376.45 for Breakthrough play scheme.

Further information on the Council’s Area Committees as well as advice on grant funding can be obtained by contacting the Development Officers who support the Area Committees throughout the City.  For Maryhill Kelvin they are:-

North West Area Team

The Mercat, 31 Hecla Square, Glasgow G15 8NH

Tel: 0141 276 9900  Fax: 0141 276 9909

Glasgow and Southern Cross

I know that constituents have read about the crisis facing Southern Cross and are concerned about the potential impact upon Glasgow – below is the latest briefing supplied to Councillors from Social Work in this regard.

Briefing on the Current Position of Southern Cross

Date 3 June 2011

1.    Background

Southern Cross is the UK’s largest Care Home operator.  The provider is experiencing severe financial constraints that may lead to Administration.

2.    Glasgow Service Users

There are 8 Southern Cross care homes within Glasgow with capacity to support 497 individuals.  Currently there are 421 service users receiving support within Southern Cross’ Glasgow based Care Homes.  Glasgow City Council placed 335 of these individuals with the remaining 86 service users placed by external Local Authorities. In addition to this Glasgow City council has placed a further 176 individuals in Southern Cross Care Homes across the UK (173 out with Glasgow but within Scotland, and 3 out with Scotland). Glasgow City Council’s total spend with Southern Cross is c£10.5m (c£7m within Glasgow based services and c£3.5m out with).

3.    Business Position

None of the Southern Cross properties are owned by the provider. Rather, the company has indicated that it cannot honour the rent agreements it has with its landlords going forward. Southern Cross Senior Management met with property owners at the end of April 2011. It has intimated its intention to apply a 30% reduction in the rental charges payable to its landlords, deferred for 3 months. Consequently:

  • Southern Cross is not breaching bank covenants
  • Enables further negotiations concerning long term rental charges
  • Enables negotiations  to take place with prospective investors

It is not clear that all of Southern Cross’ landlords are supportive of this action, the consequences of which will only become clear over time.

4.  Discussions with Southern Cross

A meeting between Glasgow City Council Social Work Services and Southern Cross took place on the 17 May 2011.  Southern Cross could not divulge details of any specific care home closures due to limitations of being a public limited company.  However, they did advise that they had collated criteria to identify Care Homes that were likely to have a “limited lifespan”.  Southern Cross intimated that none of the Glasgow Care homes fit the “limited life” criteria.

A National Contingency Planning Group hosted by COSLA has been convened and meets regularly. Southern Cross has advised through COSLA that there are 10 care homes within Scotland that are likely to close.  Sefton park care home in South Lanarkshire is the first care home to be closed (2 August 2011). There are 7 Glasgow service users at Sefton Park.  Arrangements are in place to deal with this.

A further Social Work Services / Southern Cross Senior Management meeting is planned for mid July 2011. In the interim Southern Cross agreed to contact Social Work Services with any significant developments.

5.    Contingency Planning

A national contingency planning group hosted by COSLA has been established with a focus on Southern Cross. Glasgow City Council is developing its own contingency planning arrangements in line with the broader national contingency plan.  Even were Southern Cross to go into administration a worst case scenario where all existing residents physically have to move is highly unlikely due to the likelihood of at least a partial takeover from another provider. However, even allowing for this worst-case scenario there is sufficient capacity within the City to accommodate all of the 421 residents currently living here.  The contingency plan will also identify alternative locations for those service users living out with the City.  In extremes, support would be sought from the NHS to make hospital beds available on an emergency basis.

6.    Conclusion

We remain vigilant in our monitoring of Southern Cross’ position whilst it is prudent to contingency plan for the worst-case scenario highlighted above it remains an unlikely scenario.

Rat problems


I’ve been getting complaints from local residents about a particular problem with rats and am working with Environmental Health and the Housing Association to address the problem. In the meantime I thought it might be of use for other constituents to know what action the Council can take to tackle the issue.


Glasgow City Council’s Land and Environmental Services provides a free service for the investigation and treatment of rat infestations in all locations, with the exception of commercial premises. So it does not matter if you are a tenant or an owner occupier or if the infestation is in a garden, back court or vacant site our Pest Control Section will carry out a treatment efficiently, using the safest products available. If we have to treat an infestation for you do not expect instant results. Rats are naturally wary of new food sources and it may be some time before they are comfortable eating the bait. Once they start to feed on the bait it can take between 3 to 10 days for the poison to be effective. You must make sure that children and pets never get access to any rat poison.

If you are unfortunate and need to use this service please contact:

The Customer Care Centre – Tel: 0845 270 1558 and select option 4.

The Customer Care Centre operates 24 hours per day every day of the year.

Here is some information and advice which you might find of assistance.

Breeding Habits

Rats are found worldwide and are considered a pest because they can cause structural damage, spread disease and compete with us for food.

Rat populations can develop very quickly in suitable conditions. If sufficient food and shelter are available, they can breed throughout the year with a female producing 7 litters of 8 to 10 offspring.

Their normal lifespan, in the wild, is about 18 months


Rats are very much creatures of habit and tend to follow routes with which they are comfortable. This means that, if the activity is outdoors, you may find distinct trails where their activities wear away vegetation. Also look out for droppings which are dark coloured and about the size and shape of a sultana. As the rat is a burrowing animal you may find signs of this outdoors. Burrow entrances will be between 70 – 120 mm in diameter.

The rat exudes an oily film, to protect its fur, and this can leave distinctive smear marks along surfaces, with which they come into contact and footprints may be found in mud or dust.

Rats are very destructive creatures and you may also find damaged foodstuffs and packaging, cables, pipes and woodwork. Rats need to gnaw on hard materials to control the size of their front teeth so you may find signs of this. It does not mean that they are feeding on these materials.


To prevent re-infestation and to assist with any treatment that is being carried out, it is important that you carry out any proofing or hygiene work which our Pest Control Officer recommends. Proofing is the technical term for any structural maintenance work which you have to carry out to deny access to rats. Hygiene controls are essentially depriving the rat of any food source, other than the poison bait.

As well as making these recommendations, the Pest Control Officer will be able to offer you practical advice on how to resolve any proofing or hygiene issues.

Things To Consider

    1. Remove all food sources
    2. Store refuse securely
    3. Rats are very resourceful creatures and will exploit any feeding opportunity which comes their way. From a pest control point of view, we would prefer that you did not feed birds whilst the treatment is in progress. If you feel that you must, please make sure that the food is not accessible to rats
    4. Make sure any pet food is stored securely and that any spillages are cleaned
    5. Clear up any dog mess (rats really will eat almost anything)
    6. Remove any source of water (turn any container, that might collect rain water, upside down)
    7. Clear any blocked drains
    8. Do not let gardens become overgrown
    9. Remove any piles of material, which may have accumulated in your garden

SNP comments don’t bode well for Glasgow 2012

Reading the comments from SNP Councillors about their plans to takeover Glasgow City Council next May one would think this is a done deal and one in which voters will have little say.

While the SNP may have won out at Holyrood, voters in Glasgow will decide who their local councillors are next May and that judgement will be made on very different grounds not least their record in council. Constituents in my own ward will certainly be asking why the SNP voted on Glasgow Life’s Board to close Wyndford Recreation Centre, Ledgown Tenant’s Hall and Cadder Community Centre as well as asking why the SNP group failed to support Scottish Liberal Democrat proposals for over £40 million in a new school building programme.

Early comments from the SNP group about ‘reviewing’ the network of Arms Length External Organisations such as Cordia or City Building are concerning when these companies have not only saved the Council some £27 million but also provided much needed jobs and in particular  hundreds of vital apprenticeship places for our young people.

Claims of Council managers “running riot”, and comments such as “There’s a lack of respect between senior officers and the people running this ship that needs to change. That doesn’t mean a clear-out, but we do need to review if everyone fits in.” do not bode well. I have had nothing but support from council officers and hold them in the highest regard. As a former GCC employee and Unison trade union officer I worry at an SNP council group that so often attacks staff in the press when staff are unable to reply.  

In 4 years, and despite having a publically funded full time policy officer, the SNP group have not presented a single new policy in Council and this year didn’t even present an alternative budget for the city. If they aspire to be more than an opposition then they will need to demonstrate how Glasgow would be run under an SNP administration, meanwhile their comments so far give real cause for concern for both staff and Glasgow as a whole.

Good news for Glasgow’s Pensioners

The Scottish Liberal Democrats launched our plans to make the council tax fairer on Wednesday 30th March.

Our proposal is to exempt less well off pensioners from council tax. A pensioner on an income of less than £10,000 will pay nothing at all in council tax. Our proposals will mean a saving of up to £400 from a typical Band D bill.

Pensioners often pay hundreds of pounds in council tax. But Liberal Democrats have solutions for Scottish pensioners, whose income is just above the state pension.

A third of Scottish single pensioner households have incomes of less than £10,000. That’s less than £200 a week. Under the current system, a single pensioner living in a Band D house gets some help, but still has to pay out £406 annually. That’s over £40 a month out of an income of less than £800 when she has to feed and clothe herself and heat her house too. Under the Liberal Democrat plans she would pay nothing in Council Tax.

How does this compare to the SNP and Labour policy of a Council Tax freeze?

The SNP and Labour council tax freeze will save the pensioner £22 on her £800 bill. Under our plans she saves up to £406. 

What about the Conservatives policy?

The Scottish Conservatives have said they will cut the council tax bill by £200 for any household containing a pensioner.

The pensioners on £7k, £8k and £8.5k will pay nothing under either party.

The pensioner on £9k will pay nothing under the Lib Dems but £55 under the Conservatives.

The pensioner on £9999 will pay nothing under the Lib Dems but £206 under the Conservatives.

Very wealthy pensioners – such as Annabel Goldie and other Conservative MSPs – will not benefit from our policy but will benefit by £200 under Conservative policy.

What about Local Income Tax?

We are still in favour of local income tax. We have made the judgement that it will be best to wait until 2016 to begin to introduce it. That way we can learn lessons from the introduction of the new Scottish income tax following the new powers in the Scotland Bill that came from Calman. Under those powers the Scottish Parliament will have control of 10p of income tax from April 2015. That will be preceded by an enormous amount of work from the HMRC to set up the systems. It is a significant moment in the development of a federal structure for the UK – two governments sharing responsibilities over the HMRC. It makes sense to gain the benefit of that experience.

Refuse Collection update


Like many other Councillors I’ve been contacted about bin collections being affected due to the recent bad weather so I’ve posted the most recent update on cleansing operations received from Land and Environmental Services.


Dear Member

As you are aware, our refuse collection service was disrupted during November and December as a consequence of the extreme weather conditions.  The situation was exacerbated to a certain extent during the festive holiday period, with the normal seasonal peak in refuse produced coupled with reduced resources on certain public holidays.  I am pleased to inform you that with the recent improvement in the weather the majority of these services are now returning to normal, however, I must warn you that further snowfall has been forecast for the coming weekend which may once again impact on this service.

Provided below is a general summary of the current situation, followed by further detail on an area basis.

Multi-Storey Locations – Collections from all multi-storey locations across the city are all currently up to date.  Advance uplifts are continuing at a number of these locations to ensure refuse chambers within these properties have sufficient space to safely cope with any additional New Year refuse.

Kerbside Wheeled Bin Uplifts – The Service has returned to scheduled weekly uplifts for residents with kerbside collections.  The vast majority of wheeled bins presented are now up to date citywide.  Festive arrangements for kerbside wheeled bin uplifts were generally successful with certain allowances for delays due to weather.  All New Year refuse will be collected from domestic wheeled bin routes by Sunday 9 January. 

Back-Court and Lane Collections – These locations continue to present the most challenges at the moment and additional resources are being deployed to assist with dealing with the backlog in specific areas noted below.  Priority will continue to be given to putrescible waste with recycling collections following thereafter.

Outstanding Collections – We continue to work closely with Customer & Business Services, sharing information and identifying and resolving known hot-spot locations.

Temporary Neighbourhood Refuse Deposits – Prior to Christmas, additional large bins were sited in neighbourhoods across the city in order to assist residents who wish to deposit excess waste.  We have identified locations within each area where these additional refuse containers have been successfully utilised.  At these locations the service will be extended until Friday 14 January in order to alleviate any local difficulties.

Commercial Collections – Have been largely unaffected and have now returned to normal.

Bulk Uplift – A limited service is being operated at present with priority being given to bulk materials already placed on the kerbside.  The remaining resource from this service is currently assisting with domestic waste collections and will return to their core duties as soon as possible.  Partner organisations such as GHA and GERA have also been providing much appreciated assistance with this service.

Area summaries are provided below with more detailed information.

North Area


Wheeled Bin Routes – all up to date.

Tenemental/multi occupancy/lane routes (domestic waste) – all up to date.

St Rollox

Tenemental/multi occupancy/lane routes (domestic waste) – all up to date.

South East Area

Polmadie Complex


Wheeled Bin Routes – 2 hours behind.

Tenemental/multi occupancy/lane routes (domestic waste) – generally 2 days behind in Govanhill, Castlemilk and Shawlands areas.  Up to 3 days behind in Gorbals and Mount Florida.

Additional resources are being deployed in each of the areas, to recover the outstanding backlog.  As they become available resources from other areas in the city will be diverted to the South East in order to assist this worst affected area.

East Area


Wheeled Bin Routes – 2 hours behind.

Tenemental/multi occupancy/lane routes (domestic waste) – half day behind schedule.

Easter Queenslie Complex

Wheeled Bin Routes – all up to date.

Tenemental/multi occupancy/lane routes (domestic waste) – 1 day behind (Tollcross area) additional resources deployed to clear backlog.

West Area

Western Depot

Tenemental/multi occupancy/lane routes (domestic waste) – half day behind schedule.

South West Area

Wheeled Bin Routes – all up to date.

Tenemental/multi occupancy/lane routes (domestic waste) – 1 day behind.

Working closely with the Customer Care Centre, we are continually reviewing and responding to any addresses within the city where domestic refuse has remained uncollected for any substantial period.  Close liaison with our colleagues in the Customer Care Centre has meant that for the period 1 Jan until 7 Jan 2011, we have managed to reduce the number of reported missed collections to 620 – representing 44% of the total for the same period last year.  Notwithstanding any further adverse weather, we anticipate that we will return to a normal collection schedule by Friday 14 January.

Maryhill Kelvin – new grit bin locations Dec 2010


Below is the new list of grit bin locations within Ward 15 Maryhill Kelvin including the temporary 1 ton self help supplies. Constituents can also get up to 10kg of rock salt for free from the Dawsholm Depot.

There is a 24hr free phone number 0800 37 36 35 or 0141 276 7000 (for mobile phones) to report any requests for gritting or replenishing of salt bins.   

Land and Environmental Services confirm that all available resources, both Glasgow City Council and sub-contractors, continue to be deployed on winter maintenance duties on a 24 hour basis. All priority roads and footways have been continually gritted during this period of adverse weather, with resources being deployed to secondary routes, e.g. residential areas, when resources permit, together with the replenishment of the 1,000 salt bins deployed throughout the City.


Herma Street Opp. No. 65, North Footway of Tresta Road @ Fara Street, 13 Scapa Street, Tresta Road @ Skirsa Street, Tresta Road Opp No.179


Ilay Road @ Vets College, Acre Road @ No.63, Acre Road @ No.71, Acre Road @ No.107, Acre Drive Opp No.19, Dalsholm  Road @ path leading to Dalsholm Bridge, Dalsholm Road near Maryhill Road, Crosbie Street @ Dungoyne Street, Kirn Street Opp No.11, Innellan Grdns between 16 + 20 @ parking entrance, Innellan Place @ Innellan Gardens, Skaethorn Rd 30m South of Roundabout with Cowal Rd, Skaethorn Road @ Fearnach Place, Fearnmore Road Between No.32 & 4, Fearnmore Road @ No.88 (A), Fearnmore Road @ No.88 (B), Fingal Street @ No.71, Fingal Street @ No.27, Aray Street @ Sandbank Street, Sandbank Drive @ Sandbank Street, McLaren Crescent Between Fernie Gdns + Willock Pl, McLaren Crescent @ Willock Place, McLaren Gardens, McLaren Crescent Opp No.6, McLaren Crescent @ No.17, Glenburn Street @ Cottar Street, Glenavon Road @ Thornton Street, Arrochar Court, Fairhaven Road @ No.27, Dougalston Road @ No.10, Invershiel Road @ Gallan Avenue, Broughton Road Opp No.220, Broughton Road @ No.241, Lynne Drive @ No.2, Broughton Road @ No.171 – 181, Newstead Gardens Opp No.23, Abercorn Place @ No.2, Letterfearn Drive @ No.46, Milovaig Street @ Invershiel Road, Dalsholm Rd Opp No 106 @ Dalsholm Park entrance, 20 Celtic Street, Duncruin Street @ Cranbrooke Drive, Sandbank Avenue @ side of No.1, Killermont View @ side of No.1 TEMP GRIT BAG, 171 Cumlodden Drive


Strathcona Gardens @ Strathcona Drive, Dorchester Avenue at path leading to Ripon Drive, Weymouth Drive Opp No.70, Beaconsfield Road @ Cleveden Drive, Beaconsfield Road @ Service Road, 5 Lancaster Crescent, Cleveden Drive @ Cleveden Road, Bellshaugh Rd @ Kirklee Gardens Opp.Cleveden Drive, Kirklee Gate Opp NIB, Balcarres Avenue at Winton Drive, Balcarres Avenue Opp Sub Station, Grandtully Drive Opp Fortingall Avenue, Fortingall Ave @ car park ent to Nos 1-3, Highfield Place @ Cleveden Road, Dorchester Avenue @ Cleveden Road, Colchester Drive @ Weymouth Drive, Colchester Drive @ Winchester Drive, Opp 1 Kirklee Road @ Kirklee Terrace, GWR, Ashburton Road @ side of 76 Leicester Avenue, Chelmsford Drive @ Ashburton Road, Chelmsford Drive opp No.2050 Manchester Drive


Gairbraid Court @ Kelvindale Gardens, Glenfinnan Road @ Fogo Place, Ruchill Street @ Chapel Street, Chapel Street Industrial Estate @ No.13, Oran Gate @ Dead End (Footpath to Avenuepark St), Oran Place @ Sub Station, Garrioch Drive Opp No.14

Winter update

As the winter weather starts to return there is some good news with the arrival of additional grit bins in Cadder and Wyndford and the replenishment of grit bins in Kelvindale, Summerston and Maryhill. Land and Environmental Services confirm that all available resources, both Glasgow City Council and sub-contractors, continue to be deployed on winter maintenance duties on a 24 hour basis.  The service has strived to try to ensure that priority roads and footways have been continually gritted during this period of adverse weather, with resources being deployed to secondary routes, e.g. residential areas, when resources permit, together with the replenishment of the 1000 salt bins deployed throughout the city. 

Update 20 Dec 2010

Land and Environmental Services have now confirmed temporary 1 ton supplies of grit for Summerston and Killermont areas and are looking to place additional grit bins at Cumlodden Drive and Blackhill Court.

In order to provide the most efficient service Land and Environmental Services have asked that I encourage constituents to make use of the 24hr free phone number 0800 373635 or 0141 276 7000 (for mobile phones) to report any requests for gritting or replenishing of salt bins.