Guess Who’s Coming to Glasgow

Liberal Democrat conference

Glasgow Liberal Democrats are delighted to welcome the party’s autumn conference 2013 to Glasgow. Conference will open on Saturday 14 September with consultative sessions at 10.00 and the formal opening of conference at 14.20. On Wednesday 18 September, conference will close at approximately 15.30.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats Autumn Conference will take place on Saturday 14 September from 09.30 until around 15.30 that day. All Scottish members are entitled to vote so come along and have your say on how the Scottish Liberal Democrats are run.

Liberal Democrat Conferences are attended by thousands of party workers, councillors and parliamentarians from every constituency in the UK. They also attract diplomats, international, national and local media and observers from a broad range of commercial, charity and non-government organisations. In addition to formal debates on the conference floor, we hold less formal consultative sessions on aspects of Party policy and strategy and also host a diverse exhibition and fringe programme.

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