And so it begins…

picture of ballot paper

Well nominations are now closed and the full list of candidates standing for election in Ward 15 Maryhill Kelvin on 3rd MAy 2012 is confirmed as:

DINGWALL, Alex – Scottish Liberal Democrats
ERSKINE, Euan – Scottish Conservative and Unionist
LETFORD, John – Scottish National Party (SNP)
PARISH, Steen – Scottish Green Party
RAZAQ, Mohammed – Scottish Labour Party
RHODES, Martin – Scottish Labour Party
SCALLY, Franny – Scottish National Party (SNP)
TURBETT, Liam – Scottish Socialist Party – Save Our Services

Remember local elections do count and I hope that all constituents will use your vote to select the four best candidates to represent our ward.

I hope that my own record in serving our communities over the last five years will be worthy of your support.

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