May 2012, win or lose, I’m proud to be a Liberal

May 5th 2011 was tough for all of us – volunteers and members who gave their all, candidates, MSPs, so many extraordinary people who have campaigned for the Liberal cause for years.

Canada’s Liberals suffered a similar defeat to us in 2011 and just as our new leader, Willie Rennie, is working to earn back the trust of voters so too is Canada’s Bob Rae.

I hope that party members, volunteers and supporters take inspiration from this video from our sister party because we should also be spelling out why we are proud to be Liberals. The SLD, the SCOTTISH Liberal Democrats, are a party that shares most Scots deeply held values: hard work, economic responsibility, fiscal prudence, in order to deliver the prosperity that our citizens want to see used for the common good. As Scotland’s Liberal Party, we are ambitious for Scotland and its citizens, committed to giving maximum powers to our Parliament and also to our Councils and communities.

The SLD have a proud record of scrapping tuition fees, introducing free personal care for the elderly, promoting investment in education, social work and health as well as tackling climate change and championing new green jobs.

Those are values and achievements that I’m proud to be associated with and win or lose this May, I’m proud to be a member of the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

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